Come see a demo of picoNETS Deep Edge Satellite picoCDN at Asia Tech X Singapore BroadcastAsia SatelliteAsia CommunicAsia

We are happy to demonstrate this exciting solution that has the potential to revolutionize content delivery in remote areas and overcome the challenges posed by bandwidth limitations.

Developed jointly by MEASAT Global Berhad, picoNETS & Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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picoNETS and Cadami are teaming up to make aircraft work as Content Delivery Network (CDN) edge nodes.

This will be done by using picoNETS Deep Edge Caching and CDN solution, which leverages the Open Caching standard, and integrating Cadami’s storage as a service within the aircraft computer network.

The solution is available in software and can be integrated with existing and future IFE/C systems.

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picoNETS has been recognized by the Streaming Video technology Alliance (SVTA) for our work in the Open Caching working group.

Our CTO- Rajeev’s contribution is helping to further the objectives of the SVTA.

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Aarna Networks

Aarna Networks, which solves enterprise edge and private 5G management complexity through zero-touch edge orchestration at scale, today announced a partnership with picoNETS

picoCDN has been tested and integrated with Aarna Networks’ AMCOP automation platform for edge and 5G services.

In lab testing to simulate the Deep Edge, picoNETS showed 92.86 times faster data speeds and a 25 times better Time to First Byte (TTFB) vs. a leading cloud CDN.

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N50 Project has released a whitepaper outlining the teamwork in Zambia and a model for rural connectivity.

As a part of the pilot, the team will install picoNETS Deep Edge CDN at a Cell Tower in a village and integrate with select content partners. This will be a model for bringing internet connectivity to digitally marginalized communities.

picoNETS announces the general availability of picoNETS’ picoCDN platform. Designed to run on AWS Wavelength, the picoCDN platform is a next-generation edge Content Delivery Infrastructure, built to enable new high-throughput, low-latency edge delivery use cases.

Happy to announce that picoNETS is a founding member of the N50 Project
The N50 Charter is about ensuring #digital Participation for the ‘Next 50%’ wherever they may be in the world.

picoNETS has joined the Streaming Video Alliance (the Alliance), an industry forum comprised of leading companies from the online video ecosystem. picoNETS joined the Alliance to contribute in high-throughput, low-latency use cases spurred on by factors including 5G networks, ultra-high-resolution media, new traffic types such as AR, VR, and new Metaverse use cases

Next generation support

5G Ready, 4K & 8K Streaming, AR, VR, Metaverse

14X Faster !

Faster Speeds & Lower Latency , offering unmatched performance

Scalable software

The same software code runs from an Edge to a DC. Runs on Cloud,VMs, Containers and COTS

Location Based Pre-caching

Offers up to 80% Cache hit ratio Facilitates Content pre-positioning

Edge Computing

Zero Latency between apps and content

Local Breakout

Deliver on the Tower Edge or Femto Cells with local breakout on 5G, 4G or WiFi

Get started with CDN

Significant demand for bandwidth and video in the connected home of the future

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