picONETS & Cadami Collaborate on Aircraft CDN

picONETS & Cadami Collaborate on Aircraft CDN

Happy to announce a partnership with Cadami GmbH for Aircraft CDN

The current aircraft internet connection can’t support streaming services for all passengers. Content distribution networks (CDNs) are crucial for improving internet performance.
Suppose the aircraft infrastructure becomes a CDN node caching and distributing services closer to passenger devices. In that case, we can ensure high availability and performance while the backhaul link traffic remains feasible and affordable.

picoNETS and Cadami are teaming up to make aircraft work as Content Delivery Network (CDN) edge nodes. This will be done by using picoNETS Deep Edge Caching and CDN solution, which leverages the Open Caching standard, and integrating Cadami’s storage as a service within the aircraft computer network. The solution is available in software and can be integrated with existing and future IFE/C systems.

Cadami’s Solution: Onboard-Data Center and Storage-as-a-Service
Meet Cadami at AIX (
Aircraft Interiors Expo interior exhibition ) 2023   6 – 8 June 2023 at booth 4C45.