What is Multi CDN?

A multi-CDN is the combination of multiple CDNs (content delivery networks) from different providers into a single network.
Different CDN vendors allow users access to different networks of edge servers or Points of Presence (PoPs), different underlying network infrastructures, and different sets of specialized features and functions. Therefore, different CDN vendors may deliver different performance, security, and cost benefits too depending on traffic, workload and geo location. Multi CDN allows organizations to use “the best CDN for the job” by directing specific traffic and workload to specific CDNs.


picoNETS Multi-CDN Router

Multi-CDN Workings
  • Granular Content Routing based on AS
  • Extra rules possible to direct traffic of premium subscribers vs others
  • Primarily uses EDNS0-ECS and HTTP 302
  • Failover to AWS Route 53+HTTP 302
  • Protected by AWS WAF (optional for HTTP 302)

Solution Architecture

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