picoNETS and Blockcast partner to provide next gen hybrid content delivery

picoNETS and Blockcast partner to provide next gen hybrid content delivery

Up to 95% saving in Cloud and Bandwidth costs. Hybrid Multicast + Unicast reality

Useful for OTT (VOD and Live Video), Direct to Mobile, Satellite Internet, CSPs (Telcos and Fixed broadband).

Denver, Colorado, USA, February 19, 2024

Blockcast and picoNETS- two innovative companies in the content delivery space and members of the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA) announced a path-breaking partnership to solve some of the toughest problems of the video streaming industry. Some of the known challenges include 

  • Delivery spikes due to massively popular event-based content (live sports, episodic premiers, game downloads) are only going to increase.
  • Middle-mile/last-mile capacity and congestion are always going to be an issue. This problem is not going away.
  • Reaching rural areas with broadband content economically is always a challenge.

The joint blockcast -picoNETS solution is a Multicast- Unicast hybrid and is meant to leapfrog over congestion points by broadcasting over the airwaves, using terrestrial TV transmission, satellite, and cellular multicasting technologies. 


While the current offering primarily serves content-prewarming use cases. The partnership plans to extend the offering in the future to include LIVE streaming and unlock greater savings potential, including through direct-to-mobile (D2M). We also plan to expand the coverage of the offering to more locations. The partnership will work on joint customer opportunities, joint product roadmap and IP creation.


“With picoNETS deep edge Caching, we can deliver the highest quality videos to the remotest part of the world.” Said Prakash Advani, Co-Founder and CEO, picoNETS “Our technology is validated with Satellite Internet operators, 5G, 4G, fiber and wireless ISP networks. It also works on various MEC such as AWS Wavelength, Intel® Smart Edge Open, Magma Core and HPE MEC.”


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