What is a CDN

Content delivery networks (CDNs) are the transparent backbone of the Internet in charge of content delivery. Whether we know it or not, every one of us interacts with CDNs on a daily basis; when reading articles on news sites, shopping online, watching YouTube videos or perusing social media feeds.

CDN consists of THREE Major Components:

  • Caching – Thousands of proxy-cache servers spread over the world
  • Routing – Helps a user to make its request to the nearest caching server
  • Network – Reserved bandwidth capacity on multiple Carriers and ISPs to ensure high speed between a caching server and the user

How Typical CDNs Work

User request sent to a CDN or origin server

Traffic transits the entire telco-core / gateway network infrastructure


Multiple users for the same content will consume the backhaul / transit bandwidth


Request Latency typically measured in 100’s of Milliseconds


Challenges with handling high bandwidth cases such as Live Streaming, Live Events and Online Gaming

How it works with picoCDN

  • Traditional CDN models majorly comprise three points of distribution, such as Cloud Data Center, Internet Exchanges, and Internet Service Provider NOC.  This only provides limited performance.
  • With picoCDN additional layer of PoP’s at the edge, we are only ONE hop away from the user, thereby enhancing performance to a whole new level.

User request served by a CDN Node @ the eNB/gNB Local Breakout point

Breakout can be Native
(4G-R14+) or Bump-in-the-Wire (3GPP Pre R14)

Edge served requests skips the entire Telco core / gateway network infrastructure

Request Latency typically measured in 10’s of Milliseconds

Supports large scale Live Events and other High Bandwidth use cases

Multiple users for the same content will not stress Backhaul/Transit Bandwidth

Next generation support

5G Ready, 4K & 8K Streaming, AR, VR, Metaverse

92X Faster!

Faster Speeds & Lower Latency, offering an unmatched performance

Scalable software

The same software code runs from an Edge to a DC. Runs on Cloud,VMs, Containers and COTS

Location Based Pre-caching

Offers up to 80% Cache hit ratio Facilitates Content pre-positioning

Edge Computing

Zero Latency between apps and content

Local Breakout

Deliver on the Tower Edge or Femto Cells with local breakout on 5G, 4G or WiFi