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Buffer Free Experience For The Most Demanding Customers

Future Of CDN

Content delivery networks (CDN) - The Transparent Backbone of the Internet in charge of content delivery

Global CDN Market

Content Delivery Network Market, is expected to reach USD 102.43 Billion by 2030 growing at a CAGR of 22.65% Source: SNS Insider

Global CDN Market


Increasing demand for enhanced video content, latency-free online gaming experience and next generation Metaverse


Data security and privacy concerns


Complex architecture and concern about QoS


Growing interest of consumers in OTT platforms and VOD for entertainment

Buffer Free Experience for most demanding users

The New Age Content Cache - picoCDN

Infinite Scalability

Scale your content using our picoCDN even to the remotest location.

Faster Streaming

Your users watch videos lag free without any buffering

Secure Delivery

With token-based authentication, content partners can leverage an additional level of security for their content

Real-time Analytics

You get to know the popularity of your content in real-time. Use this information to customise content for your consumers

DeepEdge API

With Location-based content caching, we can pre-cache API the content to the edge nodes before the traffic builds up.

Founded in 2017, we are a Deep Edge Content Delivery Network working with Carriers and Content Partners

About picoNETS

✔Partnering with 2 of the top 3 global Video streaming companies

✔ Delivering up to 92X faster performance on 5G

✔ Working with Telcos and ISPs in US, Japan, Singapore, India, Africa and SEA

✔ Part of AWS Activate, HPE Digital Catalyst, Google for Startups, Microsoft for Startups and KGAP+ (Japan)

Our Products & Offerings

If you are looking for a Higher performance to deliver Next-Gen content, picoCDN offers a range of models to suite your budget.

Want to take advantage of Multiple CDNs?  but don’t know how to do it?

picoNETS MultiCDN Router is the solution.

Need Transcoding  along with your media delivery CDN?

picoNETS also offers Trancoding as a Service.

Contact us for more details

Whats New

Blockcast & Piconets partnership

Blockcast and picoNETS- two innovative companies in the content delivery space announced a path-breaking partnership to solve some of the toughest problems of the video streaming industry.

The joint blockcast -picoNETS solution is a Multicast- Unicast hybrid and is meant to leapfrog over congestion points by broadcasting over the airwaves, using terrestrial TV transmission, satellite, and cellular multicasting technologies.

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picoNETS has now joined the HAPS Alliance, a non-profit association dedicated to building a high altitude platform stations (HAPS) ecosystem that brings digital connectivity to everyone, everywhere.

As a member of the HAPS Alliance, picoNETS will collaborate with world-leading telecommunications, technology, aviation, and aerospace companies to accelerate commercial adoption, advocate for safety and regulatory standards, and build a cooperative HAPS ecosystem. picoNETS deep edge CDN will help satellite companies and airlines improve the QoE and act like a Bandwidth amplifier. picoNETS has already started working in satellite and airline space.

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We demonstrated our exciting solution at the Asia Tech X Singapore, that has the potential to revolutionize content delivery in remote areas and overcome the challenges posed by bandwidth limitations.

The demo of picoNETS Deep Edge Satellite picoCDN at Asia Tech x Singapore BroadcastAsia SatelliteAsia CommunicAsia was developed & conducted jointly by MEASAT Global Berhad, picoNETS & Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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picoNETS and Cadami are teaming up to make aircraft work as Content Delivery Network (CDN) edge nodes.

This will be done by using picoNETS Deep Edge Caching and CDN solution, which leverages the Open Caching standard, and integrating Cadami’s storage as a service within the aircraft computer network.

The solution is available in software and can be integrated with existing and future IFE/C systems.

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