picoNETS was at  Asia Tech

picoNETS was at Asia Tech

We had a demo of picoNETS Deep Edge Satellite picoCDN at Asia Tech x Singapore BroadcastAsia SatelliteAsia CommunicAsia Developed jointly by MEASAT Global Berhad, picoNETS & Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Check out the demo video here

We demonstrated this exciting solution that has the potential to revolutionize content delivery in remote areas and overcome the challenges posed by bandwidth limitations. With the picoNETS Deep Edge picoCDN, delivering the highest quality content to even the remotest locations has become a reality. 

picoNETS offers a wide range of applications that were previously not feasible due to limited bandwidth availability. One of the significant advantages is the ability to stream high-quality entertainment videos to users residing in media dark areas. Whether it’s movies, TV shows, or other forms of digital entertainment, users in remote regions can now enjoy the same level of content quality as their urban counterparts. 

Furthermore, this solution opens up new avenues for educational content delivery. With picoNETS, remote schools can now receive and access high-quality educational materials, enabling students and teachers to engage with valuable learning resources like never before. This technology has the potential to bridge the educational divide between urban and rural areas, empowering individuals in even the most distant communities. 

This is an opportunity to improve spectrum efficiencies by optimizing bandwidth usage during off-peak hours. 

The concept behind this approach is simple. During off-peak hours, when network traffic is generally lower, we can use the bandwidth to update the content. This proactive measure allows us to utilize the underused bandwidth, leading to improved spectrum efficiencies and better overall network performance. This ensures a more reliable and consistent network experience for your users, even during peak hours when bandwidth demands are higher. 

We believe that we together have a transformative impact on various industries, including media and entertainment, education, and beyond. By unlocking the potential of content delivery in remote locations, we are paving the way for new opportunities and possibilities previously unexplored.

If you are interested in learning more about the Satellite CDN or would like to explore how this solution can benefit your organization get in touch with us. We would be most happy to work with you