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picoNETS HP Silver Partner

 HPE Technology Partner Program – Product catalog – This catalog highlights HPE partners working with HPE product groups and if their products are tested on HPE products.

picoNETS is now listed in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise partner portal

picoNETS is a now a member of the HPE Partner Ready for Technology Partner program, an industry-leading approach to supply sophisticated integrated technologies in a simple, confident, and efficient manner.

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HPE Servers and picoCDN


Happy to announce that picoNETS is a winner in the Intel Network builders program – Winner’s Circle Awards (Gold category)
Winners of the program have met a set of criteria e.g meeting solution benchmarks, and commercial availability of virtualized or cloud-ready applications based on Intel® architecture, edge applications, or 5G integrated solutions.

We look forward to working together with Intel and driving the next generation of solutions and transforming the network from edge to core.

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picoNETS has been selected in the  KGAP+  (Japan) startup program! 

Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus KGAP+  is supported by the Advanced Telecommunications Research  Institute (ATR) and Keihanna Science City, Kyoto, Japan

KGAP+ will work with the selected startups along with the following tracks:

a. 💲–  Help startups get Japanese Customers
b. 🤝 Go-to-market (GTM) –  Help startups partner with Japanese companies for a global GTM 

This is an exciting milestone for the picoNETS journey and we look forward to working with  KGAP+ and our global customers & partners.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced that it has selected eight startups for the HPE Digital Catalyst Program. This initiative is designed to identify, support, co-innovate and go to market with the next generation of digital disruptors in the Indian startup ecosystem.

As part of this program, HPE shortlisted 20 applications from over 60 startups from India and globally and amongst them selected eight enterprise-focused, growth stage startups – one of them is picoNETS

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picoNETS, a deep edge content delivery provider, that uses edge catching technology to provide the last mile connection between the network and end-user, has partnered with Trilogy Networks to join the Rural Cloud Initiative, reports IT Business Today. The company’s “deep caching solution” is low latency, bringing the content delivery network closer to the edge. It will allow the Rural Cloud Initiative’s carrier providers to deliver superior network service, by reducing congestion on their networks.

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Trilogy Networks continues to bolster the Rural Cloud Initiative roster of partners, adding picoNETS, a provider of edge content delivery services to the list of companies aiming to accelerate the digital transformation of rural America.For RCI’s carrier providers, PicoNETS could be installed to help reduc congestion on their networks and lowering data transmission latency by placing content such as video, gaming applications, and AR/VR applications closer to users. This is important in rural areas because applications and content have traditionally been served from major metropolitan areas located (many) hundreds of miles away from where the users are.

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picoNETS joins more than 45 other network and edge innovation partners in the RCI who are working together to deploy edge solutions running on a unified, distributed cloud covering an area of 1.5 million square miles of rural America, providing the essential infrastructure for 5G, agriculture, and energy solutions.

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“picoNETS will play a vital role in enabling the RCI and our carrier providers to greatly enhance edge content delivery and edge computing capabilities in rural areas,” said George Woodward, CEO at Trilogy Networks and board member on the US Precision Agriculture Connectivity Task Force. “Deploying edge technology in rural areas will be critical to implementing other advanced technology solutions, maximizing the potential of precision agriculture, and helping energy, manufacturing, and other rural industries realize their digital transformations. We’re excited to partner with picoNETS on this important initiative.”

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picoNETS partners with JMA to serve US customers

picoNETS, an edge computing startup focussed on solving the last mile Internet connectivity is partnering with JMA, a U.S innovator of 4G and 5G software-based technology.

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Content delivery network picoNETS is helping OTT platforms optimise performance. 

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JMA To Showcase the Power of Live Private CBRS at Mobile World Congress Americas

Syracuse, NY, October 21, 2019 – JMA, a U.S innovator of 4G and 5G software-based technology, will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress Americas, demonstrating a varied set of edge use cases powered by a Live Private CBRS network. Visitors can experience demos at South Hall, booth 1946.

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picoNETS partners with Trilogy Networks for Rural Cloud Initiative 

picoNETS – a deep edge content delivery network (CDN) provider that uses edge caching technology to provide the last mile connection between the network and end-user – has partnered with Trilogy Networks to join the Rural Cloud Initiative (RCI), a unique coalition of network and edge innovation partners committed to promoting & accelerating the digital transformation of rural America.

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Mumbai, India – January 11, 2022 – picoNETS announced that it has joined the Streaming Video Alliance (the Alliance), an industry forum comprised of leading companies from the online video ecosystem. picoNETS joined the Alliance to contribute in high-throughput, low-latency use cases spurred on by factors including 5G networks, ultra-high-resolution media, new traffic types such as AR, VR, and new Metaverse use cases

“We are pleased to join the Streaming Video Alliance. The alliance is the premier industry ecosystem thought leader and helps create the technology stack which is building the future of video,” said Prakash Advani, Co-Founder, and CEO. “ We look forward to serving our customers with the expertise gained from the alliance membership and contributing to the alliance in areas of Deep Edge CDN and low latency streaming”

picoNETS is a Deep Edge Content Delivery Network working with Telcos and Content Partners.

picoNETS vision is to deliver end-to-end superior QoS (Quality of Service) for Internet-enabled businesses and services. Our Edge CDN performs better than traditional CDNs. We achieve this by distributing a large number of PoPs (Points of Presence) closer to the users.

Trusted by the largest content partners, picoNETS not only serves from traditional data centers but also from Edge POPs in various carriers, ISPs, malls, hotels, airports, and 5G MEC.

“The Streaming Video Alliance was established to develop an open architecture, propose standards, and promote best practices to support the future of streaming video,” said Jason Thibeault, Executive Director, Streaming Video Alliance. “We welcome picoNETS to the Alliance. They join leading organizations from across the industry to help the Alliance shape the future of online video by collaborating, discussing, and planning how the video ecosystem can operate openly and scale to best meet consumer demand.”

Founded in 2014, the Streaming Video Alliance’s charter is to encourage deeper collaboration across the entire online video ecosystem, which will include the development of standards and best practices for an open architecture that will operate across the entire online video value chain. The Alliance is currently focused on identifying issues and solutions related to open architecture, quality of experience, and interoperability.

About picoNETS:

picoNETS is a Deep Edge CDN (Content Delivery Network) startup. picoNETS works with leading content partners for an unmatched experience, by providing zero buffering and ultra-low latency. picoNETS can deliver 4K Ultra HD, 8K, VR, and AR seamlessly. Applications can also run on the picoNETS platform’s distributed nodes, thereby improving the QoS (Quality of Service).

picoNETS works with leading carriers and ISPs across the world to deliver a superior experience for their users and also reduce both their backhaul and transit traffic. picoNETS engineers are continually innovating and coming up with solutions to enhance Internet Experiences.

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Happy to announce that picoNETS is a founding member of the 

The N50 Charter is about ensuring #digital Participation for the ‘Next 50%’ wherever they may be in the world.

N50 partners include organizations that have a passionate drive to close the global #digital divide. This includes Fortune 500 companies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Academic Institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures. 

N50 is an open, inclusive ecosystem that is fueling transformation in some of the most challenging environments. 

picoNETS Launches picoCDN on AWS Wavelength

On-Demand CDN Extender for applications like media, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

picoNETS announces the general availability of picoNETS’ picoCDN platform. Designed to run on AWS Wavelength, the picoCDN platform is a next-generation edge Content Delivery Infrastructure, built to enable new high-throughput, low-latency edge delivery use cases. 

AWS Wavelength embeds AWS compute and storage services within 5G networks, providing mobile edge computing infrastructure for developing, deploying, and scaling ultra-low-latency applications. Customers easily extend and augment their existing content delivery infrastructure by deploying the picoCDN platform on AWS Wavelength, allowing them to enhance content and data availability for use cases such as immersive multi-camera streaming at stadiums, 8K videos, gaming, virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR) – all of which require ultra-low latency and high bandwidth. picoCDN can also be used to deliver non-video assets for use cases like e-commerce images or app home page assets, where low latency can significantly improve application startup time and perceived end-user experience.

picoNETS uses AWS services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to build its novel vCDN on AWS Wavelength and optimizes content and data availability on the high-speed, low-latency 5G network. 

“picoCDN powered by AWS Wavelength truly abstracts away the implementation complexity to enable OTTs and other CDN users to look at new use cases with ultra-low latency in the 5G world,” said Prakash Advani, co-founder, and CEO, picoNETS. “Previously, this required setting up servers and a complex network integration activity. This was often a long, multi-month process. Now with AWS Wavelength, its’ much easier for carriers and ISV Partners to work together faster and bring innovative solutions to the market.”  


picoNETS is a founding partner for The N50 Project.

The N50 project vision is to speed up digital adoption in the next 50% of the world population.

N50 Project has released the following whitepaper outlining the teamwork in Zambia and a model for rural connectivity. As a part of the pilot, the team will install picoNETS Deep Edge CDN at a Cell Tower in a village and integrate with select content partners. This will be a model for bringing internet connectivity to digitally marginalized communities. Look forward to seeing this in action across the world.

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Transforming Rural & Marginalized Communities Through Digital Innovation